Freshen Your Closets with Essential Oils

Freshen Your Closets with Essential Oils

In many areas of the world, we’re well into sweater season! Chilly weather means getting out your favorite outerwear and warm fabrics. But sometimes a change in season can mean some weird smells in your closet as you dig into clothes that haven’t been worn in a while. Or maybe you’re noticing some musty, less than pleasant smells in your family’s coat closet? Never fear! Essential oils are near! 

You can make easy DIY closet fresheners with essential oils. Not only will your clothes, shoes, and other accessories smell great, but you’ll enjoy the positive effects of aromatherapy every time you open your closet or walk by your coat rack! 

How to Make Your Homemade, All-Natural Closet Freshener

  1. Fill an up-cycled glass container or empty candle jar with 1-2 cups of rice. 
  2. Then add 12-15 drops of essential oil. 
  3. Shake or stir the rice to make sure the oils are evenly distributed. 
  4. Nestle the jar in a corner of your closet, shelf, or inside a drawer. You can also tuck it under a shoe rack or near the dirty laundry pile. 

You may need to change out the rice and oils every 4-6 months, especially if you stop smelling the oils. If you’re going to put your homemade closet freshener somewhere where it’s likely to collect dust, cover the top with a breathable fabric to keep out contaminants. 

Which Essential Oils Should You Use for Homemade Closet Freshener? 

Any of your favorite oils will work, but there are a few superstar oils especially cut out for the job. 

Tackle the worst closet odors with organic lemongrass essential oil. Lemongrass has superior balancing properties, making it ideal for countering unpleasant odors. Lemongrass is also calming and thought to relieve anxiety. We could all use a little more of that, right? 

If you’re dealing with the normal musty closet smell, you can take a more subtle approach with peppermint for a clean and invigorating aroma. Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus also work great as air fresheners and have the added benefit of keeping away moths that eat certain fabrics. 

With the powerful botanicals found in organic essential oils and a few simple steps, you can renew your household spaces with ease. Breathe in new aromas and remember that when you use Savhera essential oils, you’re helping bring renewal to women who were once exploited. Every bottle gives dignified employment to sex trafficking survivors. Renew your home and help renew lives! 

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