Essential Oil Uses — beauty

image of someone massaging their feet with a natural homemade foot scrub

Sustainable DIY Foot Scrub

Not only is this DIY foot scrub sustainable, it’s extremely cost-effective because it allows you to reuse a household ingredient! Instead of the sugar or salt found in many DIY foot scrub recipes, ...
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Perfume in a pretty glass bottle surrounded by flowers

Homemade Perfume Recipe with Essential Oils

This homemade perfume recipe is perfect if you want to save money on fragrances or ditch questionable ingredients. When you make your own perfume, you not only control the fragrance notes, but you ...
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Woman using dry shampoo, massaging her hair roots

DIY Dry Shampoo

Why DIY dry shampoo? So you can get all the benefits of dry shampoo without the unwanted ingredients, wasteful packaging, or high price tags! Plus, you can customize this recipe with organic essent...
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