Essential Oil Uses — peppermint

yellow and orange fall leaves against a clear sky

Fall Oil Diffuser Blends

Whether your fall day plans include cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea, or a busy work schedule, fall oil diffuser blends can enhance your experience. Celebrate the changing weather and g...
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peppermint in a vase in front of a tile backsplash

5 Uses for Peppermint Oil

When life gets you down, the many uses for peppermint oil can help you get back up! Organic peppermint essential oil is powerful and versatile, here are just a few of our favorite ways to use it!  ...
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Woman recalling a memory while journaling next to a window

How to Improve Memory with Essential Oils

Did you know that some essential oils can help improve your memory? Besides smelling amazing, certain essential oils can help your brain function better and improve your daily tasks by boosting you...
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