Essential Oil Uses — sustainability

image of someone massaging their feet with a natural homemade foot scrub

Sustainable DIY Foot Scrub

Not only is this DIY foot scrub sustainable, it’s extremely cost-effective because it allows you to reuse a household ingredient! Instead of the sugar or salt found in many DIY foot scrub recipes, ...
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two farmers care for organic plants in a greenhouse

Is Organic Better?

As you shop for the best products, you might be wondering if organic really is better.  It’s a great question, and you’re not alone in wondering how your money is best spent when it comes to organi...
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White Ceramic Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser

Transform your Broken Diffuser with Kintsugi

Ever break a beloved dish (or your stone diffuser) and fret over the idea of throwing it away? Those broken pieces can be transformed into an even more spectacular (and stronger) piece with the anc...
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