The Benefits of Using Essential Oils During Yoga

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils During Yoga

Yoga is an important part of many people’s routines. Besides improving strength, flexibility, and balance, yoga can increase mindfulness and holistic wellbeing. Yoga is said to provide benefits ranging from helping you manage stress to alleviating chronic pain. 

No matter the reason you practice yoga, essential oils can enhance your yoga routine! 

How to Use Essential Oils In Yoga 

Like yoga, essential oils can help promote holistic wellness. Here are some ways to incorporate essential oils into your yoga experience: 

  • Rub diluted essential oils onto the soles of your feet, temples, and back of your neck. You can dilute essential oils with mild carrier oils such as jojoba, coconut, or sweet almond oil. 
  • Make an essential oil spritz to spray into the air before your practice. 
  • Diffuse essential oils during your yoga session. 
  • Before and after your practice, rub some diluted essential oils in your palms and inhale deeply. 
  • Wear diffusing jewelry during your yoga practice. 

Yoga and essential oils work together to improve mood, reduce stress, and alleviate anxiety. Many people use yoga to stay grounded, and essential oils can provide a powerful complement to mindfulness.  

Which Essential Oils to Use During Yoga? 

Choosing which essential oils to use during yoga is up to you! You should go with oils that you find relaxing and pleasant. Some of our favorites include: 

  • Organic Lavender – Lavender is calming, helping you escape from your busy day when you step onto the yoga mat. If you're practicing yoga before bed, lavender can help prepare your mind and body for a restful sleep.
  • Organic Orange – Orange essential oil is said by many to be helpful in waking up, energizing the senses, and boosting creativity! If you’re looking for some increased positivity during your yoga practice, give orange essential oil a try! 
  • Organic Frankincense – This ancient oil is useful in promoting focus. Some people report that frankincense is beneficial for opening up the crown chakra, the center of connection to your highest self. 
  • Organic Cedarwood – The woodsy, earthy scent of cedarwood has grounding properties that can be beneficial when trying to center your mind and body. 
  • Organic Peppermint – If tension, headaches, or sore muscles are distracting you from yoga, trying massaging your joints or pressure points with diluted peppermint oil. Or diffuse peppermint oil to help you wake up and focus during your morning yoga routine. 
  • Organic Rosemary – With properties that help increase focus, rosemary essential oil can help you take your yoga experience to the next level! 
  • Organic Eucalyptus – Used by many people to improve the respiratory system, eucalyptus can help clear your senses so that you can breathe easier during yoga. Try some eucalyptus when honing in on your pranayama – the part of yoga that focuses on your breathwork and breathing techniques. 

Which essential oils do you love incorporating into your yoga routine? Let us know in the comments! Namaste. 

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