The Organic Difference

The Organic Difference

Whether you're an experienced essential oil enthusiast or are looking to buy your first oils, you've discovered by now that you've got lots of choices.

Organic or non-organic is one of them.

At Savhera, we sell only USDA certified organic essential oils. We've made this choice for several reasons.

One, we want to provide our customers with only the best essential oils. Certified organic is one component of that.

Two, it is a manifestation of our commitment to our people and our planet. The two are intertwined, and we want our products to represent that reality.

Three, it is a choice to live our company values of dignity, integrity, and excellence in every aspect of our business.

What Organic Means

The term "organic" refers to a system of farming practices that have the intent of preserving soil quality, minimizing the use of synthetic practices, contributing to sustainability.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, produce can be called organic if it’s certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances––such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides––applied for three years prior to harvest.

Why Organic Matters for Essential Oils

What makes an essential oil organic, other than its label, is its commitment to natural sourcing from crops free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, and GMOs. A true “organic” essential oil is produced through a process that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and healthy for you and your family.  

Non-organic oils do not meet these standards. And many people believe it's possible to distinguish between conventional and organic essential oils from their feel and aroma.

Organic essential oils may have stronger aroma and higher therapeutic value than conventional varieties due to differences in their main constituents.

Part of our P.E.T.A.L.S. Promise

Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability is why we sell only certified organic essential oils. The better quality of crops results in better quality of oils, which results in better quality of life for all.

Our P.E.T.A.L.S. promise describes our commitment to quality and transparency in all of our sourcing and distribution processes.

Every purchase of Savhera organic essential oils also contributes to the wellness and empowerment of survivors of sexual exploitation.

Thank you for creating new beginnings with us and diffusing dignity around the world!

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