What Makes Our Diffuser Unique?

Savhera's Stone Diffuser with some essential oils, fresh eucalyptus, and fresh flowers.

When shopping for an essential oil diffuser, there are a lot of options. It might even feel overwhelming. We’re simplifying things with one choice that we think you’ll feel great about! An elegantly designed diffuser that looks great in your house and functions at full performance potential to maximize the benefits of your essential oils. At the same time, it incorporates sustainable material options such as ceramic. And our favorite part? It transforms the lives of human trafficking survivors! 

Savhera is more than premium organic wellness products. We're a community of changemakers caring for others while caring for ourselves. Our products serve our purpose to renew, restore, and respect all people and the planet we call home. That includes our Stone Diffuser! While we strive to make sure we create and curate the highest quality wellness products for our customers, that’s not the whole story. The sale of our products provides dignified employment for human trafficking survivors. So our Stone Diffuser is more than a beautiful and functional way to enjoy aromatherapy – it’s a way to take a stand for justice! 

Here are a few reasons why our Stone Diffuser is making our customers happy: 


  • More sustainable materials – We used to sell an all-plastic diffuser. But as soon as we were able, we upgraded to more sustainable materials. The Stone Diffuser we sell today has a beautiful ceramic cover instead of plastic! 
  • Supports a good cause – Like all of our products, every sale of our Stone Diffuser directly benefits the trafficking survivors who make up our team. We created our business for them! Each sale goes towards their healing and empowerment. 
  • Looks beautiful and elegant, with a minimalistic, luxurious aesthetic that can blend right into your home decor. That’s a no-brainer! Why settle for a product that you don’t love looking at? 
  • Creates an ultra-fine mist to elevate your space with the benefits of essential oils and the fragrance of freedom. 

Our Stone Diffuser is all about empowering YOU with a premium product that gives you maximum wellness benefits, while also empowering women to thrive as they overcome trauma and injustice. 

So yes, the design is simple, but it’s way more than just a diffuser. Our Stone Diffuser helps you enjoy natural wellness, diffuse dignity, and empower women! 

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