2020: A Year of Dignity

2020: A Year of Dignity

Even During a Global Pandemic, We Have So Much to Celebrate 

2020 has been a year for the books! Even during a global pandemic, our international team has celebrated many exciting milestones. 

  • We celebrated 1 year of e-commerce in September! 
  • We fulfilled our largest ever partnership and got oil-rollers in the hands of 63,500 people with Causebox
  • Ava – a trafficking survivor – celebrated her 1 year anniversary of dignified employment at Savhera’s U.S. headquarters in September! 
  • 5 survivor employees in India – Jyoti, Mala, Anjali, Anita, and Pushpa – celebrated their 2 year anniversaries in October. These amazing women are the  original 5 survivor employees who have been with Savhera since the beginning. Pushpa was the woman who inspired Savhera’s inception by bravely saying “I need dignified employment to get out of this dirty business” in 2017. 
  • Raziya and Semma – two other survivor employees in Delhi, celebrated their 1 year anniversaries in October. 
  • Ivory – who works in the U.S. and is Savhera’s newest survivor employee – celebrated her 6 month anniversary in November!
  • All Savhera employees in Delhi were able to move out of the brothels and into safe and dignified housing before COVID hit India. 
  • We donated 94 bottles of immunity-boosting essential oils to organizations serving vulnerable or trafficked women and youth at the start of the pandemic through the Buy Oils Give Oils campaign. 
  • Both Savhera survivor employees in the U.S. have their own apartments now! 
  • Our new Diffuser Jewelry line launched in November, which includes 13 unique jewelry styles! 
  • We further fulfilled our mission of empowering women by partnering with a woman ceramist in India to craft our new Hand-Crafted Oil Burner diffusers. In India, ceramics is a male-dominated industry. Our new female-designed and female-crafted Ceramic Oil Burners help light a flame for women’s equality. 
  • We’ve seen our survivor employees in India make incredible progress in their literacy classes. Women who had never held a pen or pencil in their lives are now reading and writing in both Hindi and English. 
  • We successfully launched many exciting new wellness and aromatherapy products – including 2 new diffusers, our first-ever diffusing jewelry and keychains, 4 new oil roll-ons, and 2 new essential oil blends. 
  • Our employees learned new skills and fulfilled their largest production order (jewelry) while working around strict Covid restrictions. 
  • We moved into larger office spaces in India + the U.S.
  • We expanded the number of services we provide to survivors. 
  • We launched our biggest ever fundraising campaign! Many of you gave generously and helped us increase our impact and give jobs to more women who need dignified employment.   

We’re thankful for so many things – including YOU. If you’ve bought Savhera products, shared our mission and values with others, or contributed to our crowdfunding campaign, you’ve helped give dignified employment to survivors of human trafficking. 

And that’s what it’s all about – all our efforts and all our celebrations – a new beginning in every bottle.

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