The Lotus - a Story of Overcoming

The Lotus - a Story of Overcoming

Ever wondered why we use the lotus flower in our logo? Or why we incorporate the lotus flower in several of our product designs – such as our two newest diffuser jewelry pieces?

We chose the lotus flower to honor Indian culture. Savhera started in India because of one courageous Indian woman! And we now have a whole team in India – including 7 trafficking survivors. The lotus is the national flower of India, and an important symbol in Indian art, mythology, and culture. 

But the significance goes deeper than that. We chose the lotus flower to remind our team and our customers that beauty can come out of even the worst circumstances. 

The lotus and redemption

Lotus flowers grow in the most unlikely places. The lotus flower is different from most flowers in that the bud starts to sprout while underwater in the mud. Lotus flowers grow at the bottom of lakes and ponds, surrounded by muck. They bloom despite dirty, difficult conditions. As the lotus flower grows, it rises from the mud and reaches towards the sun. As it rises, it pushes aside the harsh obstacles of the muddy lakebed. With only a few leaves and a tiny bud, it pushes itself towards clearer water and sunlight. It perseveres until it opens in full bloom on the surface of the water. What an achievement! As the petals open one by one, the lotus becomes a stunning symbol of survival and strength. 

When the lotus blooms in the sunlight, you’d never know it had to fight to rise out of the darkness. It’s spotless and beautiful, without a trace of mud left. 

Overcomers Bloom

Like lotus flowers, the sex trafficking survivors who work with Savhera are overcomers. Even despite some of the worst obstacles imaginable, these brave women are blossoming into their full potential. They are showing the world what they’re capable of. From darkness to light, they are beautiful warriors. They have made incredible strides professionally, emotionally, economically, and spiritually. They have achieved the unimaginable! They constantly inspire us to remember that new beginnings are possible. 

And so do you! Thank you for supporting Savhera and believing in the potential of these incredible women. Next time you see a lotus flower, remember what the human spirit is capable of. 


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