Elegance & Dignity: Savhera's Hand-Made Jewelry

Elegance & Dignity: Savhera's Hand-Made Jewelry

In the middle of a pandemic that has disrupted global supply chains, we've just launched our first jewelry line. Like everything at Savhera, out of distress, dignity is birthed.

And in this case, elegance too.

Our diffusing jewelry captures the essence of Savhera. Sophisticated yet simple. Refined but raw. Organic and honest, while layered with depth and meaning.

Even more important than the product, however, is the process.

Our process of empowering our survivor-employees with skills in the craft of making hand-made packaging and jewelry, as well as the other aspects of our human development model, lifts up our colleagues by giving them a creative outlet which aids their physical, intellectual, economic, and spiritual growth.

Khushboo Kamari is our Production Manager and resident jewelry artisan at our Delhi office. She has a degree in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design, and works one-on-one with our employees to train them in jewelry making and other essential skills.

Along with yoga and meditation for spiritual and physical healing, and one hour of literary class, our employees work in groups of two during the production process.

Each group has their own responsibilities, such as clay conditioning and cutting, baking and cleaning, and assembling the jewelry.

The empowerment this training and teamwork provides instills immeasurable confidence, and cultivates space to develop and demonstrate creativity.

Indeed, one of our jewelry pieces in this first line was designed by a survivor Production Associate!

When you wear one of our diffusing jewelry pieces, you are cultivating justice for trafficking survivors as well as promoting wellness in your own life.

Every purchase you make of Savhera products directly contributes to these new beginnings by creating dignified employment for our amazing survivor-colleagues.

Join us in creating a world where dignity is diffused in every home and workplace!

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