Sustainable Dignity

Sustainable Dignity

We’re all about dignity––for people and the planet!

Dignity For People

We started Savhera to give dignified employment to survivors of human trafficking. But we knew dignified employment had to be more than a job. We had to foster healing, growth, and personal development for our employees.

But our mission to cultivate dignity and renewal wouldn’t be consistent if it wasn’t reflected in sustainable practices and products every day. Dignity for our employees means more than a dignified workspace or living arrangement––it means working together to promote dignity for the planet we all call home!

Dignity For The Planet

From the beginning, we knew that our choices to sell only USDA certified organic essential oils and to use recycled and recyclable materials for shipping were fundamental in living out our values and driving our impact.

Environmental sustainability isn’t just about an end product. It drives all of our operations, from our supply chain to our packaging material.

But much of our commitment to environmental sustainability happens behind the scenes, thanks to our dedicated team in Delhi.

Our production associates in Delhi are all women who have survived human trafficking. Through their training and efforts as Savhera employees, they incorporate sustainable practices into their work and lifestyles. Part of the training is education on caring for the environment.

Our team in Delhi abides by the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” They’ve established a “Green Team” that heads up sustainability practices, for example, energy efficiency and office material waste management.

And through all of this, we’re in it together! You're making possible all of this sustainable dignity, integrity, and excellence by shopping Savhera! Thank you for being on this journey toward new beginnings with us!

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