How Does Dignified Employment Generate Healing?

How Does Dignified Employment Generate Healing?

Savhera’s mission is to give dignified employment to survivors of sex trafficking. Dignified employment helps facilitate physical healing, economic healing, and emotional healing for our production associates who have been trafficked. When you buy wellness products from Savhera, you are providing healing for women who were once exploited. 

Here are just some of the ways your Savhera purchases promote healing through dignified employment: 

Physical Healing:

  • Production associates learn about diet, nutrition, exercise, preventative health, and basic sanitation for the first time. 
  • Savhera provides health insurance that allows treatment from qualified professionals. Our human development manager assists our employees with finding the right providers and making appointments. 
  • Savhera assists with finding safe and secure housing, free from environmental and physical threats.

Economic Healing: 

  • Savhera’s production associates have lived in conditions of extreme poverty their entire lives. Savhera provides a salary double the living wage in India, sets them up with a bank account, and helps them budget. By shopping at Savhera, you provide healing from poverty. 
  • With the education and financial literacy training that Savhera provides, these women are healed from financial exclusion, and empowered to be part of the formal sector.

Emotional Healing: 

  • Trafficking survivors have endured significant trauma. We provide our employees with time and space to heal emotionally. Upon first working at Savhera, our production associates are given three months to focus on their emotional healing, without the pressures of work
  • Some of our employees were sold by family members, some have been in the brothels since they were children, some were forced into marriage as young teens. Most have endured domestic violence and abandonment by a former spouse, and all of them have been raped and sexually exploited by thousands of men. For most of their lives, they have known nothing but abuse, neglect, and abandonment. They come to Savhera with deep emotional wounds. With dignified employment, they have the freedom to heal inwardly while receiving their full salary and benefits. 
  • Part of Savhera’s mission is teaching our employees about mindfulness. Savhera’s book of meditations, Diffusing Dignity, contains 30 meditations based on the company’s values. Every day, Savhera employees reflect on these questions, which are designed to prompt inner healing. 
  • As our employees heal from the emotional wounds, they also begin to learn about themselves. This self-knowledge helps them understand their strengths and realize their full potential. 

Community Healing: 

  • As these brave women heal, they gain the capacity to help others. 
  • While trafficked, these women felt powerless to help their loved ones. Now they are empowered with the physical, financial, and emotional capacity to provide for their families. 
  • As Savhera empowers them with leadership skills, these amazing women become forces of healing in their communities. Because of their healing, they can advocate for positive change in their communities. 

Thank you for choosing wellness products that generate healing – for yourself and for her! 

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