How Savhera’s Affiliate Program Transforms Lives

How Savhera’s Affiliate Program Transforms Lives

Do you want to earn money and rewards while making a difference? Savhera’s affiliate program helps transform lives for both the affiliate and the survivors through the simple acts of giving and sharing.

To be an affiliate means to form a mutually beneficial partnership. Partners share more than a goal, they share a vision. If you share our vision of eradicating human trafficking and ensuring survivors of trafficking have access to dignified employment and education, you should consider becoming a Savhera affiliate!

When you become an affiliate, you become part of a special community of wellness advocates and justice-seekers who live with purpose, love people, and honor the planet!

Becoming a Savhera Affiliate

As an affiliate, you not only support the economic empowerment of trafficking survivors (which is enough of a perk in and of itself!), you also earn money and rewards while doing it! Affiliates make 8% commission on their referral and have the opportunity to earn amazing perks. 

  • If you make 10 referrals, you get a bottle of one of our essential oils.
  • With 50 referrals, you receive some additional Savhera swag (not available for purchase on our site!)
  • If you make 100 referrals, you’ll be sent a Savhera starter kit and diffuser.
  • After 1,000 referrals you will have a paid pampering trip with the U.S. Savhera team! 

How to Become a Savhera Affiliate

Anyone can become a Savhera affiliate. You do not have to pay or become a member, just check out our affiliate agreement page and sign up! The only requirements are to be passionate about justice and wellness! 

We are a global company that ships all over the world and is constantly expanding, so you can become an affiliate no matter where you are. For additional information see our affiliate Q&A or email us at to explore further.

Make a difference in the lives of survivors - and yourself! - by signing up for Savhera’s affiliate program today! 

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