How the Female Founder Collective Helps You Support Women

How the Female Founder Collective Helps You Support Women

Have you ever seen the Female Founder Collective logo at the bottom of our home page or on another business page that you love? The Female Founder Collective logo helps you identify female-owned and led businesses so that you can empower women as you shop. Your dollar vote has power, and so does your advocacy. As the Female Founder Collective says, “Women have the power to change the world. From our purchasing decisions as consumers to the leadership and employment opportunities we offer as business owners, women are an incredible and undeniable force.”

That force drives all that we do – we are women supporting women. We joined the Female Founder Collective because we believe in the power of empowered women – whether that’s a brave human trafficking survivor finding freedom and opportunity through dignified employment or one of our beautiful customers enjoying wellness products that help her live her best life. We’re stronger together. 

How the Female Founder Collective Works

The Female Founder Collective is a network of businesses led by women and supporting women. Their mission is to “enable and empower female owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically. The community of the collective will enable women to connect with other women in order to give vetted resources around capital, growing their business and operating more efficiently.” 

The Female Founder Collective is a membership platform that helps connect female founders around the globe with each other and the skills and resources they need to thrive.

More than 11.6 million firms are owned by women. That translates into 9 million jobs and $1.7 trillion in sales. Women reinvest in their families and communities at higher rates than men. So by increasing the wealth and opportunities for women-owned businesses, we can impact our communities for the better. We can change the world. 

How Can YOU Make a Difference? 

Want to be part of the change? Here are two things you can do to empower women-owned businesses: 

  1. Look for the Female Founder Collective logo on websites, storefronts, and social media. That symbol helps you identify which companies are female-owned and led so that you can support women as you shop. 
  2. Spread the word! When you find a female-owned business that you love, tell your community about it! 82% of women are more likely to buy from companies owned by other women...but they have to know who those companies are first! 

By supporting female-owned businesses, we can show the world the power that women have to transform and shape our communities. Find more women-owned businesses at the Support Your Ladies directory. Let’s shop strong! 

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