How You Can Break Down Barriers for Trafficking Survivors

How You Can Break Down Barriers for Trafficking Survivors

One of the great trafficking myths is that a victim can just leave anytime she wants. This is false on many levels. Traffickers use acute forms of brainwashing, manipulation, and serious physical threats to persuade their victims that there’s no way out. Trafficked women often fear for their own lives as well as the lives of their families if they consider escape. But beyond these tactics and threats, the women often feel helpless because of their lack of education, resources, and job training. Even if they could manage to escape, where would they possibly go? Their vulnerability makes them an easy target for more exploitation. 

Barriers That Trafficking Victims Face

Many women are trafficked from an early age. Some are even born in the brothels. Traffickers deny them access to formal education. In India especially, it’s common for a trafficked woman to have no understanding of or exposure to the world outside the brothel. As a result, trafficking victims often lack the skills required to work even basic jobs. Employers have no reason to hire them and often don’t even consider them for a job. When they first came to Savhera, many of our production associates in India were illiterate and lacked basic math skills. One of our current employees in the U.S. came to Savhera without basic computer or email skills due to her education and freedom being denied to her by her trafficker. 

Imagine lacking the skills most of us take for granted and trying to convince someone to hire you for a dignified, well-paying job? 

That’s where you come in! 

How Can YOU Help Break Down Barriers?

Your purchase has power. By choosing to shop from social enterprises that support trafficking survivors, you can help break down the barriers that these women face. When you choose Savhera wellness products, you’re helping give employment to marginalized women before they are qualified for the job! We start paying our employees’ salaries while they go through holistic healing programs and learn the skills needed to begin their roles at Savhera. 

When you buy Savhera oils, you’re saying “I believe in her potential.” 

Savhera provides free technology training to our employees who have come out of trafficking. This training not only equips them for their jobs at Savhera but also empowers them to reenter society and work towards their dreams and future opportunities. 

That’s the power of choosing wellness products that say “I believe in her purpose.” 

In 2020, you helped give 120 hours of tech training to survivors of human trafficking! 

Women who once believed they had no place in society are now dreaming about their futures….all because customers like you are willing to dream about what your dollar votes can do.

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