The Virtuous Cycle of Empowerment

The Virtuous Cycle of Empowerment

Empowerment is one of Savhera’s values, As our team meditation book reminds us, 

The word “empower” literally means “to put power into.” When you empower someone, you are putting power into them. Power is defined as control or authority over someone or something. Thus, when you put power into someone, you are literally giving them control and authority over someone (including themselves) or something.” 

Our social mission is to empower women by giving trafficking survivors dignified employment. 

Empowerment is a creative, life-giving force! But it cannot grow in a void. We love this quote from our meditation book

“What is important is that you cannot put power into someone if you have no power yourself to give. You must feel empowered yourself before empowering others.” 

How Can You Become Empowered? 

Many of us are privileged enough to have been empowered by someone. Maybe it was a grandparent, parent, teacher, mentor, or friend. If you’ve experienced this, you know the feeling of recognizing your own potential because someone else saw it first. Or you feel affirmed because someone finally acknowledged you for who you are and what you’re capable of. Empowerment sparks empowerment. Have you ever encouraged someone, given someone a chance, or told someone their worth because you remember someone doing the same for you? That’s continuing the virtuous cycle of empowerment. 

A Simple Way You Can Empower Others

At Savhera, empowering trafficking survivors means providing dignified jobs with fair wages and benefits, access to health and education, economic inclusivity, space and support needed to mentally and physically heal, affirmation, encouragement, opportunities, and much more. Many of the women we hire at Savhera have never experienced empowerment before. Their past is defined by exploitation. But that exploitation doesn’t define them! 

And guess what? You’re part of this empowerment story! When you use your empowerment to shop Savhera, you create a positive ripple effect. Because of you, other women become empowered! 

And the story doesn’t end there. Empowerment is not just a transaction or even an exchange. Empowerment creates a positive snowball effect. When our employees are empowered, they go on to empower others. They empower each other, their families, and their communities. 

Through premium wellness products and the chance to give back through our social enterprise model, we invite you into the virtuous cycle of empowerment. 

When you buy Savhera, you’re empowering trafficking survivors with dignified jobs. When these women are empowered, they will take that power and empower others. It’s good that keeps on doing good. Or, as we like to say: a new beginning in every bottle. 

Take a moment to meditate with us: 

How can you be empowered today? Who can you empower?

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