Say it with us: “SUH-VAIR-UH”

We know some of you have had questions about how to pronounce Savhera, and that’s a BIG problem!  We love the name Savhera because of its origin and meaning (read further), so it’s not going anywhere.  BUT what we can do is help you pronounce it.  SUH-VAIR-UH!  Savhera! 

It's a beautiful, hopeful, redeeming word.  It means “morning” or “dawn” or “new beginning” in Hindi, and it represents everything our employees are experiencing in their new jobs.

Savhera was named by our production associate, Jyoti.  She said, “I am so happy that I named Savhera.  I never thought they would select the name I chose!”  Jyoti said that she chose this name because dignified employment with Savhera genuinely represents a new beginning for her and all her colleagues.

Recently, during a human development exercise , our production associates reflected on the difference between their past life and their new life...this savhera they are living.  Here’s what they said: “We have moved from.... 

“no life” to “daily routine”
“sad” to “happy”
“bounded” to “freedom”
“no savings” to “bank account”
“fear” to “confidence”
“no safety” to “support system”
“dark future” to “bright future”
“hell” to “heaven”
“discrimination” to “respect”

Savhera testifies every day to the power of dignified employment in healing from trauma.  We see the power of redemption manifest daily, and we believe in it so strongly that we regularly reflect on and celebrate it in our meditation book.  We want you to see and experience redemption, too!  Together, let’s change the world by creating more new beginnings, more redemptive moments and opportunities for you, for them, for the world!

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