World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day! Kindness is one of Savhera's values, and we figured there's no better day to reflect on this virtue than today, so we're sharing with you an entry on kindness from Diffusing Dignity, our book of meditations. So light a candle, diffuse your favorite oil, pour some tea, and journey to the essence of kindness with us!


Research suggests that we need five positive words or experiences to cancel out one negative one.  Negative attitudes simply overpower positive ones. And this happens in our own self-talk, as well as in our relationships.  

We can counter negativity with kindness. Being kind to yourself through positive self-talk, or kind to others through compliments, is powerful. Kind words have the power to change the trajectory of someone's day, and compounded over time can change someone's life. We all begin to live into the words spoken over us... so make those words kind!

Kind actions can do the same.  You can treat yourself kindly by eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise, and pursuing hobbies and leisurely activities that you enjoy.  You can treat others with kindness by showing common courtesy--opening doors, giving a gift, or just smiling.

How will you speak more kindly to yourself and to others today?  How will you treat yourself and others more kindly today?

[text from p. 38 of Diffusing Dignity]

If you liked this meditation, you'll love a whole book of them! Shop Diffusing Dignity here , for yourself or as a gift for someone else. THAT is an act of kindness that will keep on giving!

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