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Essential Oils in Indian Culture

Savhera started with a trip to India and honest feedback from an Indian woman who was being trafficked in a brothel in Delhi. This woman named Pushpa said that she needed dignified employment to ge...
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Meet Jyoti

Jyoti is one of Savhera’s Production Associates in our Delhi, India facility. She is originally from West Bengal, but has been in Delhi for the past thirty years, eighteen of those on GB Road, one ...
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World Kindness Day

Research suggests that we need five positive words or experiences to cancel out one negative one.  Negative attitudes simply overpower positive ones. And this happens in our own self-talk, as well ...
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Maybe, one day...

We recently hired two new production associates in Delhi!  It was a momentous occasion, and we all celebrated the two new team members as they donned their crisp, white uniforms, looped their work ...
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Oil Partnerships

It's so exciting to be a start-up in the essential oil space right now!  The market is growing, knowledge and research is increasing, and consumers are demanding organic, sustainable products from ...
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AIA Aromatherapy Conference

We recently exhibited at the 2019 Alliance of International Aromatherapists ("AIA") International Conference in Minneapolis. 
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