The Story Behind our Unique Starter Kit Boxes

The Story Behind our Unique Starter Kit Boxes

We’re committed to holistic wellness and social justice. We package our Savhera starter kits and mini kits in beautiful gift boxes that represent this commitment.

From the materials used for the packaging to the training that our employees receive, each box represents the dignity that your purchases are diffusing around the world.

We knew we needed well-designed, earth-friendly, elegant packaging that, as such, reflected the values of the Savhera community.

So we worked with designers who helped us imagine packaging that could handle shipping well and protect and display our essential oil bottles effectively.

We also chose materials that are sustainable and empowering. Our boxes are made from 100% cotton paper handmade by tribal women in rural Indian communities.

These design elements and raw materials are then used by our Production Associates in our Delhi office to handcraft boxes for our essential oil starter kits of blends or singles.

This team of women has more in common with each other than their job descriptions: they are survivors of human trafficking who now have full-time dignified employment at Savhera.

The box-making process is a great example of our human development model in action. It is a trauma-informed approach that supports the physical, intellectual, economic, and spiritual growth of our employees.

Because of their history of exploitation, trafficking survivors lack many skills that most of us take for granted. Part of Savhera's mission is to restore the education and opportunities that these women have been denied. As part of their job responsibilities, production associates learn many practical skills for the first time.

Their training includes calculating and utilizing measurement units such as inches, centimeters, feet, and meters. But they learn far more than that!

They learn how to work successfully as part of a team, how to manage time effectively, and how to improve productivity.

As part of our focus on holistic wellness, our employees learn about social responsibility and sustainability. Our boxes are made with planet-friendly materials, and employees learn how to protect the environment by minimizing waste during the production process.

By recognizing their value as essential members of the team, they see their self-worth as valuable members of the marketplace and society!

During COVID-19, our production associates had the skills, resourcefulness, and team spirit to continue the box making process from the safety of their homes during the strict lockdowns that were implemented in Delhi, India.

Tamanna Khan is Vice President and Human Development Manager of Savhera’s India subsidiary. She says that in addition to practical professional skills, this team of brave survivors is learning to believe in themselves, focus on their hidden talents, and overcome weaknesses.

There’s truly a new beginning in every bottle…and every box!

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