How We Put Our Belief In Diversity Into Action

How We Put Our Belief In Diversity Into Action

At Savhera, diversity is not only something we value, but something that we cannot live without. To truly make a difference, we know we need a team composed of many ethnicities, experiences, perspectives, and opinions. Savhera was proudly founded by women and is proudly run by mostly women! Diversity and equality aren't just buzzwords for us, but rather the essence of who we are. Promoting gender equality and ending gender oppression is at the very heart of what we do and why we do it. We pursue diversity not just as a way to satisfy conscious consumers, but as a way to truly make the world a better place. Every time you choose Savhera for your wellness products, you’re promoting the global wellbeing that diversity brings. 

We like to back up we say. We test every batch of our essential oils for quality, and we publish the lab results. That's not just because we're nerdy about organic, pure ingredient things. It's because we like to know exactly what’s in the products we use and we're pretty sure you do too! We can’t claim to sell wellness products if we don’t back up that claim! 

The same goes for our claims of diversity. We back it up.

When We Talk About Diversity, We're Talking About Our Team

Here are some stats from our 2020 impact report. Savhera currently has:  

  • 50% POC in leadership
  • 83.3% women in leadership
  • 75% POC on our team
  • 93.8% women on our team
  • 50% POC on our board of directors
  • 83.3% women on our board of directors
  • 56% of our employees are survivors of sex trafficking. That means that 56% of our employees are women who have previously been marginalized by society and oppressed and exploited by those in power. When you buy your go-to wellness products like lavender and peppermint oil (we see you!) from Savhera, you're promoting diversity and female empowerment.

Why this emphasis on stats? Because shopping at Savhera is about more than just feeling good. It's about knowing that you are doing good. That's our commitment: to help you make a difference!

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