AIA Aromatherapy Conference

We recently exhibited at the 2019 Alliance of International Aromatherapists ("AIA") International Conference in Minneapolis. When we first registered for a vendor booth, our hope was to spread the good news of Savhera among a discerning crowd of certified aromatherapists looking for pure, premium, sustainably-sourced essential oils to use in their practice.  What we experienced far exceeded our expectations!
The theme of this year's event was "Building Bridges: The Future of Aromatics in Integrative Healthcare," and the four-day conference brought together aromatherapists, producers, retailers, quality-testing service providers, medical professionals, and others. The conference sessions were focused on three subject areas: holistic aromatherapy, clinical aromatherapy, and aromatherapy in cancer care.We connected with other partners and startups in this space, like Dropsmith and Yggy Life, who are creating innovative platforms to share quality information for discerning aromatherapists and the general public.

FIRST, we met up with the two independent labs that test Savhera's essential oils, PhytoChemia and Essential Validation Services.  It was wonderful to deepen these relationships as we position ourselves as a premium essential oil business that tests and double tests every batch and lot of our oils.

SECOND, we networked with several suppliers that share the same sustainability ethos as Savhera.  What a refreshing experience to meet partners who care deeply about the land and the people who cultivate the precious crops that produce the essential oils that we all enjoy!

THIRD, we encountered several aromatherapists who were moved not only by the premium quality of Savhera's essential oils, but also by Savhera's mission.  We walked away from the conference solidifying relationships with two aromatherapists in particular who are eager to partner with Savhera in advancing our product development, educational platforms, and customer consultation.

FINALLY, and perhaps the most surprising aspect of the conference, was the personal connection that so many of the attendees felt with Savhera's mission.  One woman shared her own trafficking experience from 20 years ago, another woman shared that her daughter was a survivor, several others teared up as they thanked us for our mission, indicating that the mission personally spoke to them.  

We left the AIA conference with increased confidence that Savhera is in the right space, at the right time. We were inspired by others and affirmed in our belief that Savhera is much more than 100% pure, organic essential oils.  It is a new beginning in every bottle--for you and for her! 

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