We believe gratitude is central to wellness—out of it flows healing, contentment, and community. So, we try to say “thank you” as often as possible to as many people as possible. Here are a few groups of people we want to thank today for generously contributing to Savhera’s journey so far. Who knows, maybe they’ll remind you of someone who’s helped you on your journey…and that ought to be thanked today!

Our friends, who took a chance

So many have poured themselves into Savhera, whether by traveling with us, encouraging us, crowdfunding us, investing in us, advising us, and continually spreading the word about our products and our people. Special mention in this group goes to Paul Harral, who interviewed us, traveled with us, wrote about us, and waited for the most strategic moment to publish an incredible article about the Savhera story.

To all of you, we are profoundly grateful!

Our partners, who’ve stood with us in solidarity 

From the beginning, partner organizations, agencies, and companies have affirmed us, inspired us, guided us, and supported our efforts to create dignified employment for brave women in India, in the U.S., and beyond. Social enterprises like TARA in India and Calyan Wax Co. in the U.S. have been valuable partners and fellow entrepreneurs. B Corps like CauseLabs have inspired us to follow in their footsteps as a benefit corporation…and have counseled us on how to do it. The U.S. Embassy in Delhi has welcomed our courageous team members, and the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata has provided a platform for telling the Savhera story. Special mention in this group goes to Shakti Vahini, our primary NGO partner, without whom none of this would be possible. The Kant brothers and their entire team have educated us, supported us, amazed us with their vision, courage, and perseverance, and over their two decades of advocacy, education, and activism, laid the foundation on which Savhera has been built.

To all of you, we say “Dhanyavaad”!

Our employees, who inspire us every day

Finally, we are forever thankful to every single member of our staff—you are teammates, colleagues, co-workers—but more than that, you are family. You make Savhera what it is. You inspire us every day, and you are the reason we exist!  Each day, we witness you learning, growing, healing, overcoming, and working as a team to create products that embody the dignity, integrity, and excellence we are pursuing.

To all of you, we say “Thanks”, and “Let’s go”!

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