Social Impact Company: What Your Purchases Provide

Social Impact Company: What Your Purchases Provide

Love the idea of a social impact company, but want to know exactly where your money is going? Same here!

We talk a lot about how we sell premium wellness products to give dignified employment to sex trafficking survivors. But what does that mean exactly? When you purchase Savhera products you are literally transforming the lives of women who have been held in captivity and sold for sex. Your purchase gives them the chance to: 

  • enjoy fair wages and a dignified workplace
  • learn to read and write
  • receive quality healthcare
  • move out of brothels
  • freely navigate their city on public transportation
  • save money
  • get bank accounts
  • provide for their families 
  • heal from the pain and trauma of their past
  • and much more.

As a Savhera customer, you provide a pathway to freedom and independence to women who have never experienced it before.  

Your Purchases Turn Sales Into Dignified Employment

Your purchases transform into dignified employment. And that means more than just paying salaries. We believe everyone deserves dignity. Consider the things that would make a job appealing to you. Good pay, PTO, maternity leave, reasonable hours, a life-giving environment, flexibility, understanding coworkers and supervisors, nice office space. That's what we strive to give to our employees at Savhera.

In addition, we also provide a trauma-informed workplace. Sex trafficking is an extreme form of trauma that continues to affect survivors long after they are “free.” Therefore, someone who has experienced extreme trauma cannot just leave that behind when they come to work. Your purchases also help provide the mentorship, counseling, and awareness that trauma survivors need in the workplace. 

Your purchases also allow us to provide our employees with services that improve their quality of life. Our PIES model of human flourishing addresses holistic wellness in the physical, intellectual, economic, and spiritual parts of life.

That’s a lot of good coming from the purchase of an essential oil. That’s why we like to say there’s a new beginning in every bottle.  

Your Purchases Create Social Impact That Keeps Giving Back!

As we grow as a business, we can hire even more survivors and continue our social impact. 

But dignified jobs for survivors aren’t the only goal. We aim to treat everyone with dignity. From the farmers who grow the ingredients in our essential oils, to the people who quality test and bottle our essential oils, to you, the customer who enjoys the wellness benefits of a quality product. In addition, we give the planet dignity. Your purchases help us farm organically, source sustainably, and use eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials.

It’s all about dignity. For people and planet.

We believe that business can be used for incredible good. Thank you for believing with us every time you shop at Savhera. We chose our business model to sustain our social impact in the way we believe is most effective. 

Sales transform into dignified jobs while our customers enjoy quality products. Thank you for making it happen! 

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