Vote with Your Dollars

Vote with Your Dollars

Did you know that voter turnout in the United States is very low?  On average, only about 60% of Americans turn out for presidential elections, 40% for midterm elections, and it is not uncommon for voter turnout in local elections to be in the single digits. What this means is that the average American votes at the ballot box roughly 0-3 times in four years!

On the other hand, Americans make on average 156 impulse purchases per year amounting to almost $18 billion annually!  We make impulse purchases much more than we vote, and we visit stores online and in person much more frequently than we go to the polls.  

And these purchases are not values-neutral.  In fact, what we buy, how frequently we buy, and where we buy is a reflection of our values.  And we get to vote for those values every time we checkout!  We are all citizen-consumers whose purchasing behaviors express our political voice and cast a vote for the kind of world we want for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

We dream about a world where human rights are protected, where the environment is stewarded well for future generations, and where profit is sought only as the means to accomplish this, and never an end.  If that's the kind of world you dream about, too, then join us on this quest for wellness + justice for everyone, everywhere, all the time and vote for it with your pocketbook today!

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