DIY Room Spray

DIY Room Spray

Four different oil combos for pleasing + healing aromas

Sometimes you just need to unwind. We often do something that engages our senses: read a book, binge Netflix, do yoga, bake cookies, etc.  But smell is an underrated sense that enhances all the others. Aromas can transport us back to a pleasant memory or take us away to places we’ve never been. It can relax and rejuvenate us. 

For each recipe combine water + oils in a spray bottle. Adjust the oil amount based on how strong you want the aroma. 

Rosemary + lavender + orange + frankincense 

This relaxing combination of scents is both calming and energizing. Rosemary and lavender are both fresh and sweet white orange brings a sharp citrus note to the blend and frankincense balances it all with its rich, earthy aroma. These essential oils all promote calmness in the body and mind. Diffuse it on the go, during meditation or right before bed to experience the calming effects of this delicious fragrance. 

Peppermint + eucalyptus + tea tree

For a cooling and calming effect, look no further than the combination of peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. These oils all promote deep breathing and pain relief, so if seasonal allergies are getting you down just diffuse these essential oils and breath a sigh of relief.

Rosemary + lemon + cedarwood 

Rosemary and lemon are a delightfully cleansing blend of aromas, while cedarwood adds an earthy note to the scent. This combination simultaneously gives you energy to face the day and helps you focus on the task at hand. You can breathe easy with this blend, both because its antimicrobial properties help clear your sinuses and because they help boost your immune system. You can also diffuse these essential oils right before bed to help you get a good night’s rest.

Lavender + lemon + peppermint

This blend is both light and refreshing and can help protect your sinuses from seasonal allergies. Just a few drops of these essential oils promote clear breathing and clean living. Diffuse this blend around this house to keep it smelling fresh and to promote positive vibes all day long.

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