Essential Oil Uses — diffusing

a person in the background snoozes in bed on a rainy day while a stone diffuser in the foreground diffuses essential oils

Diffuser Blends for Rainy Days

Need an uplifting diffuser blend to pair with rainy days? Dreary weather can sometimes be cozy, but rainy days can also contribute to low energy and mood swings. Of course, some rainy days are mean...
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Diffusing Keychain

How to Use Diffusing Jewelry and Keychains

Diffusing jewelry helps you switch up your daily look with accessories that promote wellness. With diffusing jewelry, you can take aromatherapy on the go, and customize the essential oil benefits a...
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White Ceramic Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser

Transform your Broken Diffuser with Kintsugi

Ever break a beloved dish (or your stone diffuser) and fret over the idea of throwing it away? Those broken pieces can be transformed into an even more spectacular (and stronger) piece with the anc...
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How to Clean Your Diffusers and Oil Burners

How to Clean Your Diffusers and Oil Burners

  Want to maximize the lifespan and benefits of your aromatherapy products? Taking care of your diffusers and oil burners helps them last longer and work more efficiently.  Whether you have an ele...
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