How to Use Diffusing Jewelry and Keychains

Diffusing Keychain

Diffusing jewelry helps you switch up your daily look with accessories that promote wellness. With diffusing jewelry, you can take aromatherapy on the go, and customize the essential oil benefits according to your needs. All you do is apply essential oils to your diffusing jewelry and you’re ready to go! 

Our diffusing jewelry and keychains are made from either clay or agate – an all-natural porous stone that holds essential oils well and gently releases their aroma over time. 

How much oil to use? 

You only need a minimal amount of essential oil for a piece of diffusing jewelry. 1-3 drops should be plenty! 

How often should you reapply oils? 

You can reapply essential oils to your diffusing jewelry every few hours as needed. 

Customize your experience: 

One of the many great things about aromatherapy jewelry is that you can decide which oils to wear depending on your day. Some days call for help relaxing, other days we need a little boost! Check out some of our favorite ways to customize our diffusing jewelry, and remember you can change it up throughout the day!  

  • Heading into a stressful situation? Whether it’s traveling, a big meeting, an interview, or a difficult conversation, your diffusing jewelry can be a stress-relieving resource. Add lavender essential oil to your earrings, necklace, or bracelet to help calm the nerves. Many people report that the aroma of lavender helps calm symptoms of stress such as nausea. 

  • Trying to focus? Going to class? Heading out the door to work at a coffee shop? Getting dressed for the office? Rosemary, peppermint, lemon, and orange all have properties that promote focus

  • Recovering from a cold? Add eucalyptus or peppermint to your diffusing jewelry. Your respiratory system will thank you! 

  • Going to yoga or meditation? Whenever you need a little help slowing down and staying grounded, add frankincense or cedarwood to your diffusing jewelry. 

    • Does your car need a refresh? Add lemon and peppermint to your diffusing keychains! Enjoy all-natural fragrance on your drive. 

    Sustainability and Impact: 

    Our diffusing jewelry is made from sustainable and sustainably sourced materials such as agate and clay. Each piece of our diffusing jewelry is handcrafted by the human trafficking survivors who make up our team. You can wear each piece with pride knowing that your purchases make a difference and your fashion and wellness choices have a purpose. Every Savhera product empowers women by providing dignified employment and restoration services to help them to thrive. Thanks for diffusing dignity with us!
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