The Benefits of Using Essential Oils While Working or Studying

The Benefits of Using Essential Oils While Working or Studying

How to Use Aromatherapy to Promote Productivity

No matter how hard we try to focus, sometimes our brains just aren’t on board with our productivity goals. 

Lack of focus could result from anxiety, stress, drowsiness, or any number of factors. Regardless of why you’re having trouble concentrating on school or work, essential oils might help promote productivity! 

“Our sense of smell can have a profound effect on our mind,” says Amy Galper, a board-certified aromatherapist. “When we smell something, the aromatic molecules trigger an electrical impulse that then sends a signal to the part of our brain called the limbic system, which is responsible for our ability to learn and remember, our behavior, conscious and unconscious, and is also responsible for manufacturing the enzymes and proteins that make up our hormones, which regulate and control all the actions in our body.” 

Because smells connect to your limbic system, aromatherapy can help boost concentration, focus, and productivity. Some essential oils help stimulate your mind, while others actually calm the mind down. 

Which Essential Oils to Use for Productivity?

Let’s take a look at some of the best essential oils to use when you need to focus. 

PeppermintSaid to aid in motivation and mental stimulation, “Peppermint is extremely uplifting, clearing, and opens your breath to help clear your mind, as well as works to get you moving and focused.” says Amy Galper, a board-certified aromatherapist. 

Rosemary“This oil is rich in molecules that are shown to be very protective and supportive to our overall well-being. The aroma offers an experience of profound clarity and purification, and can energize our thoughts and exercise our memory. It’s supportive to breathing, circulation, detox, and inner strengthening,” Galper explains. As Healthline explains, “a 2018 study on school children confirmed that rosemary could help focus and memory, potentially boosting memorization in school.”

LavenderAnxiety and stress can distract us from the task at hand, so easing these symptoms can promote productivity. Lavender aids concentration because it helps to calm and soothe the mind.  Brain Balance Achievement Centers even reports that some essential oils – such as lavender – can be used to successfully help promote focus in children with ADHD. 

Other essential oils to keep you on track with your tasks include:

  • Eucalyptus – which stimulates the brain and improves energy. 
  • Frankincenseto help balance the nervous system. 
  • Lemongrassto invigorate your senses 
  • And citruses like lemon and orange – which can increase energy and decrease feelings of fatigue. 

How to Use Essential Oils for Concentration

Try diffusing 5-10 drops of essential oil in your home or workspace. Massage your temples and pressure points with a few drops of diluted essential oil. Or simply open a bottle of essential oil and inhale. 

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