The Benefits of Using Organic Essential Oils

The Benefits of Using Organic Essential Oils

Earlier this year, we shared a blog post about the organic difference – outlining what qualifications are required to make something organic. Now, we’d like to share what that organic difference means for your health and your values. 

Ever wondered if it really matters whether you buy organic or non-organic products? 

From quality to safety to performance, we believe that choosing organic does matter. All of our oils are USDA-certified organic – giving you peace of mind, optimum health benefits, and the chance to contribute to the sustainability of the planet we all call home. 

Health Benefits of Organic Essential Oils 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Safety – If you’re concerned about the potential negative effects of chemical or harmful pesticide residues arising from the cultivation or processing of your essential oils, choosing organic is the way to go. While certified organic farmers are permitted to use certain pesticides to care for their crops, these pesticides must be organic and free of toxic chemicals. If you’re inhaling something for its mental and physical health benefits, you want it to be free of nasty things, right? 
  • Therapeutic value – Did you know that many experts and consumers claim organic essential oils are superior in smell and aromatherapy benefits? Yes! Sometimes organic just speaks for itself. Many experts believe that organic essential oils contain a greater concentration of beneficial active components. In other words, organic essential oils deliver more of that pure power we desire in our aromatherapy practices. 

Environmental Benefits of Organic Essential Oils

When an essential oil is certified organic, it means that no toxic pesticides were used during the plant’s lifespan.  The entire production process – from the method of planting to the distillation – happens without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, or GMOs. Organic farming protects the soil and protects the environment. Choosing organic helps prevent groundwater pollution, soil friability, and the destruction of microorganisms.

Why We Always Choose Organic As a company that always prioritizes people + planet, we knew from the beginning that selling 100% organic essential oils was the only way to fully uphold our values. As a conscious consumer, your wellbeing is safe with us. And the impacts of your choice go beyond your holistic health. Your choice positively affects the wellness of everyone involved in our production process and the wellness of our planet.

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