The Best Essential Oils for Cleaning 

The Best Essential Oils for Cleaning 

Thanks to interest in sustainable and toxic-free lifestyles, the internet is full of recipes for all-natural, DIY cleaning products. From all-purpose sprays to grime fighters to bathroom cleaners, there are so many products you can make at home on a budget! But ever wonder which essential oils are best for cleaning? There are no right or wrong answers. Most essential oils enhance your home in some way, so sometimes it comes down to whichever essential oils you prefer or happen to have on hand. But just to satisfy your curiosity, we’ll discuss some of the essential oils that are best suited for cleaning your home and why. 

Oreganostudies show that oregano is an antimicrobial ingredient that works well in hand-washing and surface cleaning. 

Tea Tree – this essential oil is famous for fighting germs and bacteria. It makes a great ingredient for any DIY cleaning product, but is especially helpful for bathroom cleaners and for cleaning any high-contact surface.  Some people find the smell of tea tree overpowering, so you can always add a few drops of another essential oil to balance. 

Rosemary – natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties make rosemary great for a kitchen counter spray or natural dish soap. And its herbal scent might make you start thinking of delicious food! 

Lemon – antibacterial and antiviral, a classic choice for homemade cleaning products! Like fresh citrus, lemon essential oil has a bright, refreshing scent that can even help you feel energized as you clean! Lemon is especially handy at fighting tough grime and stains. It’s also popular as a deodorizer in fridge cleaners and floor cleaners, and can be mixed with olive oil for a natural wood cleaner. 

Orange – like its citrus cousin lemon, orange essential oil is great for fighting grease and dirt. Try it in a non-toxic dish soap! 

Eucalyptus – while eucalyptus might have you dreaming of the spa, this revitalizing essential oil has many uses. Its strong scent makes it great as a bathroom cleaner or deodorizer. And did you know it fights dust mites? Add it to your DIY mattress cleaner ASAP! 

Lavender – one of the most well-known essential oils, lavender is great for people who might find other scents overpowering. Because lavender is so relaxing, it makes a great addition to all-natural laundry detergents when you wash your sheets. Or add to a linen spray! Lavender pairs well with other oils if you want to create a custom cleaning scent. 

Peppermint – antibacterial properties make peppermint a great addition to cleaning products used to sanitize surfaces or deodorize spaces. It’s so invigorating that you’ll have the motivation to get those household tasks checked off. 

These are just some of the ways essential oils can enhance your cleaning routine. So take your pick of scents and benefits! When it comes to the power of plants, it’s hard to go wrong! 

Have a favorite essential oil for cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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