Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with Essential Oils and Empowerment!

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with Essential Oils and Empowerment!

Women’s Equality Day celebrates women’s right to vote in the United States.

But the global struggle for equality continues.  

We believe that every person deserves equal rights. Everyone deserves dignity.

At Savhera, we're in the business of diffusing dignity every day, most directly by providing employment to some of the world’s most marginalized women: survivors of human trafficking.

When you purchase Savhera essential oils, you help women move from trauma and exploitation to dignity and empowerment.

Every woman deserves the opportunity to flourish

We want our employees to grow in every aspect of human development. That’s why we created the PIES model. We provide our employees with education, including literacy training. We pay our employees double the living wage, plus benefits.

Every woman deserves ownership of her own body

Human trafficking subjects women and girls to horrifying inequality. Women deserve equality and empowerment to break free from exploitation.

Every woman deserves to thrive in the workforce

Too many women around the world continue to run into glass ceilings, if not be run out of the workforce altogether. This despite the fact that societies benefit from women in the workforce. Woman-led companies should––and will––to succeed. Savhera was founded by and for women!

Every woman deserves to know their worth and value

We started a social enterprise to help our employees break free from their past. We also give our customers access to physical and mental empowerment through essential oil products such as our organic frankincense oil. Along with its health benefits, we love that frankincense has been used for centuries to denote worth. Using organic frankincense essential oil is an ancient way of saying “I’m worthy, I have value.”

Savhera means “new beginning” in Hindi. We believe every woman deserves a new beginning. Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with us––every purchase you make supports survivors of human trafficking.

There’s truly a new beginning in every bottle!

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