Freedom. Business.

Freedom. Business.

Savhera is proud to be member of the Freedom Business Alliance, a global network creating business solutions to human trafficking.

About the Freedom Business Alliance

The FBA was founded in 2016, and now has more than 100 member enterprises in 28 countries who have collectively created over 2,000 jobs for trafficking survivors.

The mission of the FBA is to scale the freedom business movement, and it does that through a three-fold approach.

First, it connects stakeholders in the Freedom Business ecosystem.

Second, it coordinates collective impact across the Freedom Business movement.

Third, it facilitates the removal of barriers to scale Freedom Business worldwide.

Partnerships That Create Dignified Employment

Membership in the FBA has already benefitted Savhera, providing partnerships and platforms for its products and purpose.

"Alliances are crucial, and aligning our company and brand with like-minded enterprises is a focus for us," says Dr. Vanessa Bouché, co-founder of Savhera.

"We have partnered with FBA members like Freeset, Sari Bari, and others on the product side, and we've benefitted from the community the FBA cultivates as we advance our purpose of creating new beginnings through dignified employment for women in India and the U.S."

And that is the most important outcome. Every purchase consumers make from Savhera and other FBA members directly contributes to combatting human trafficking and restoring survivors through economic empowerment and personal growth.

So shop Savhera products, support the Freedom Business Alliance...and receive our deep gratitude for diffusing dignity with us around the world!

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