When you buy from Savhera, each purchase comes with a promise of integrity. But what does integrity mean?

To have integrity means to live according to your deepest values in every aspect of your life. It is not enough to proclaim integral values, one must uphold them.

In the Savhera book of meditations, Diffusing Dignity, it says: “To have integrity is to be whole, to be undivided. It is to have one’s life integrated -- mind and body, thoughts and emotions, words and actions, identity and relationships, perception and reality.” 

Integrity is incorporated in every aspect of Savhera’s business from the harvesting of the essential oils to the packaging to the materials used and of course the women we employ and our company culture. 

Creating a company culture based on integrity means that when we make a promise, whether to our employees or our customers, we see it through. Savhera was founded on the need to create sustainable employment for survivors of human trafficking who would otherwise not be able to find a job, as well as to create a fusion of wellness and justice that is unheard of in the essential oils industry. 

We are invested in our survivor-employees personally as well as professionally, and invest in helping them find housing, teaching them valuable life and job skills such as literacy and money management, and much more. In 2020, we saw several employees move into their own apartments, pay off debts, and even start college. 

None of them would be possible without people like you who seek integrity in their purchases. Because integrity is not just limited to money, but to transparency. That is why we want you to see exactly where your money goes and where our products come from. We also release the test results of every bottle of essential oils we sell.

In accordance with our business classification as a Public Benefit Corporation in Texas and our commitment to Integrity, we’ve created a 2020 Benefit Report which covers all the ways that we’ve provided benefit through Savhera. Read it here
You make all of this sustainable dignity, integrity, and excellence possible by shopping Savhera! Thank you for taking this journey toward new beginnings with us!

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