Liberating Literacy

Liberating Literacy

We live in a world where over 750 million adults cannot read or write. Imagine not being able to read a bus sign or sign your name on an application. Every day, you experience barriers.

Oh and by the way, two-thirds of those illiterate adults are women, making them even more vulnerable to physical abuse, sexual violence, and poverty.

At Savhera, we are working to change this reality.


Many of our employees have endured the extreme trauma of sexual exploitation. That's why we've created a human development model that addresses holistic health and wellness. We call it the PIES Model, as it encompasses Physical, Intellectual, Economic, and Spiritual development.

Most of our production associates in India previously lacked basic literacy. With Savhera’s help, they learn to read, write, and do math. Eventually, they gain knowledge about their history and culture and develop the confidence and skills to instruct others and create their own masterpieces.


Our colleague Anita is an example of the transformation literacy brings. When she was about 12 years old, a woman sold her to a brothel owner, and she was soon pregnant and unable to leave the red-light district.

"I was always very keen to read and write, but I never had the chance to learn," Anita says. "But now, since coming to Savhera, I've learned to read and write. I can even write in English!"

With every purchase you make of Savhera products, you are contributing to women's literacy and the liberation that it brings. Not only that, you are making dreams come true for incredible people around the world like Anita!

We recommend our organic Lemongrass essential oil as you contemplate the freedom that literacy brings. Its sweet, inviting aroma recalls the hope and expectation of springtime, an experience women like Anita are having every day as part of the Savhera team!

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