DIY De-Stressing Mist, A Stress Free Recipe

DIY De-Stressing Mist, A Stress Free Recipe

Essential oils are renowned for their calming, stress-relieving abilities. Some people prefer lavender essential oil, while others like a blend of cedarwood and lemon. Whatever your desired oil, consider misting it into your space. Like an air freshener, the oil's scents will fill the room, and its calming properties will begin to seep into your mood and headspace. Plus, this DIY de-stressing mist recipe removes any undesirable chemicals AND allows you to customize your scents. Keep reading to see how easy a DIY de-stressing mist can really be!


Spray bottle


Essential Oils (check out this blog post for the best essential oils and blends to relieve stress)

Making Your DIY De-Stressing Mist

The amount of each ingredient will depend on how big of a spray bottle you use. As a rule of thumb a 4 oz spray bottle uses 10 drops of oil to 1/2 cups water.

When mixing your ingredients, add the essential oils first, then the water. Close the spray bottle and shake well to mix. Once all combined, spritz around your space. Store the bottled mixture in a dry space, but make sure to keep it convenient because you will definitely find yourself reaching for it again and again on those days you need a little extra stress relief.

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