Earthy, Woodsy Essential Oils

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Woodsy, essential oils are perfect for celebrating changes in the weather, creating a calming atmosphere, or using for DIY unisex scents. Bring the outdoors in with these woodsy, earthy essential oils! 

  • Cedarwood – A calming essential oil that helps you stay grounded. Perfect for adding to diffuser blends or using as an air freshener or personal cologne. Cedarwood’s grounding aroma and antimicrobial properties make it ideal for this DIY aftershave

  • Frankincense – This soothing oil stands out as a unique scent. But frankincense is more than a luxurious aroma. Frankincense has many powerful properties, including skin health benefits – making it perfect for adding to facial oils and DIY body washes

  • Rosemary – An earthy scent that’s perfect for diffuser blends or diffusing alone! Studies show that rosemary essential oil can help with concentration and focus, making rosemary essential oil ideal for diffusing in work or study spaces. Rosemary is also a great essential oil to add to DIY hair care products because it is believed to help with hair growth and health. 

  • Lemongrass – This grassy essential oil has a citrusy, sharp scent that makes it ideal for diffusing while cleaning your home or anytime you want a natural air freshener. Lemongrass has a powerful but natural and soothing aroma, making it perfect for adding to DIY cleaning products

  • Lavender – Lavender is beloved for its ability to promote sleep and rest. It’s also great for adding some subtle floral, fresh notes to diffuser blends and DIY products. Lavender pairs well with tea tree for cleaning products and air fresheners. Or pair it with cedarwood and rosemary for a deep, grounding, earthy scent in DIY body wash or DIY shampoo bars

  • Tea Tree – Earthy, woody, and slightly herbaceous, tea tree essential oil is ideal for adding to blends in your diffuser. Tea tree is a powerful ingredient for DIY products, like this yoga mat spray. Tea tree is perhaps best known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Tea tree pairs well with any essential oil blend that needs to have some purifying properties in addition to amazing aromas! 

  • Woodsy, Earthy Blends 

    If you’re looking for a pre-made blend with woodsy, earthy notes, look for blends that contain pine or baking spices. Our Warm Memories blend is spice forward, with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, frankincense, and orange. In our Sonia’s Shield immunity blend, herbs and spices unite for a blend that smells warm and comforting while fighting germs. And our Tannenbaum Lights blend isn’t just for Christmas! Spruce, pine, and fir make for a crisp, clean scent that’s perfect anytime you want to bring the healing powers of the great outdoors into your home. 

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