How to Practice Self-Care this Summer

a woman practicing self care by doing a yoga. She is in her home office, watching a yoga session on her laptop, seated in a meditation pose.

Forget about hot girl summer, let’s practice self-care this summer! Making self-care a priority takes work and intention, but it’s always rewarding to invest in your dignity and worth! And the more you show yourself love, the easier it gets. Here are a few tips to help you practice self-care this summer and beyond. And remember, you deserve it! 

  • Meditate. Meditating is one of those things that’s often harder than it looks. But remember, it’s not about clearing your mind like a superhuman. It’s just about observing your thoughts with as little judgment as possible. Sometimes, it’s just about making time in your busy schedule to breathe. If you’re looking for meditation inspiration or guidance, why not try our little book of meditations? This collection of beautiful photos and short reflections is meant to encourage you to see yourself and the world in a more holistic way. 


  • Try some yoga. Don’t be intimidated by all the pretzel poses! Yoga isn’t about impressive skills. It’s about finding balance, breathing deeply, and making time for yourself. There are countless videos for every experience level out there. Just do a quick search and find something that works for you! Showing up is what counts! And remember that the very practical side of yoga can help you with aching muscles, pain, knots in your back and shoulders, and other issues that you deserve to get help for. 


  • Take a walk. Self-care doesn’t have to involve learning something new. Sometimes the best ways to love yourself are right outside of your front door! Get some fresh air and sunshine when you’re feeling overwhelmed or unworthy. 


  • Try aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a simple self-care practice, but even the most simple things still require intention. Dedicate a few moments today to set up your diffuser, treat yourself to some new essential oils, or incorporate aromatherapy into part of your daily routine. You can use essential oils in the shower, in the car, or care for yourself by setting up a sleep blend in your diffuser before bed. 


  • Treat yourself to a spa day! You can do a budget-friendly spa day at home, or you can splurge on a professional treatment. Just make sure you clear your schedule, set aside distracting devices, and embrace your self-worth! Chocolate ice cream is optional but encouraged :) 

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