Essential Oil Uses — spa day

a woman rubs her sore feet – she needs some DIY muscle rub!

DIY Muscle Rub with Just Ice

Sore muscles and aching joints can be a thing of the past with this DIY muscle rub. Whether you’re an athlete, spend a lot of time on your feet, sit at a computer all day, or deal with a painful he...
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image of someone massaging their feet with a natural homemade foot scrub

Sustainable DIY Foot Scrub

Not only is this DIY foot scrub sustainable, it’s extremely cost-effective because it allows you to reuse a household ingredient! Instead of the sugar or salt found in many DIY foot scrub recipes, ...
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a woman practicing self care by doing a yoga. She is in her home office, watching a yoga session on her laptop, seated in a meditation pose.

How to Practice Self-Care this Summer

Forget about hot girl summer, let’s practice self-care this summer! Making self-care a priority takes work and intention, but it’s always rewarding to invest in your dignity and worth! And the more...
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