A Meditation on Dignity

A Meditation on Dignity

You are worthy of honor, which means you get to choose for yourself the life you want to live. 

It means no one else gets to control or manipulate your self-concept, your direction, or your steps.

 It means you get to pursue a path that breathes life into your soul, honors your gifts and interests, and brings you joy.

 It means no one else gets to steal your joy or inhibit your growth. Because you are worthy of honor, you are dignified. Although people may try to control, manipulate, hurt, or use you, they cannot steal your honor, they cannot steal your dignity.  

Dignity is not something anyone can give you or take away from you.

You already have it as a human.

Only you can forfeit it.


How have others tried to steal your dignity from you?  How have you fought back by honoring yourself?  What are some ways that you can honor yourself and celebrate your dignity today?

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