A Meditation on Empowerment

A Meditation on Empowerment

The word “empower” literally means “to put power into.” When you empower someone, you are putting power into them. Power is defined as control or authority over someone or something. Thus, when you put power into someone, you are literally giving them control and authority over someone (including themselves) or something. 

You can empower someone by complimenting them, by helping them identify and use their giftings, by giving them the space they need to create, ponder, or reflect.  Empowerment is about giving people power, authority, and control over their own lives, giving them the tools and confidence they need to take on that responsibility and setting them up for success in their chosen endeavors.

What is important is that you cannot put power into someone if you have no power yourself to give. You must feel empowered yourself before empowering others.

Do you feel empowered? How can you take steps to get empowered? Who can you empower today? How will you go about empowering them?

This meditation is part of "Diffusing Dignity: a Collection of Meditations" – written by the Savhera team to help you incorporate mindfulness into your holistic wellness routine

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