Essential Oil Uses — aroma therapy

DIY vapor rub with essential oils

DIY Chest Rub with Essential Oils

If you’re tired of ingredients you can’t pronounce, it's time to try this DIY chest rub with essential oils! Store-bought chest and vapor rubs can contain ingredients that aren’t good for your body...
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jar of perfume

Homemade Perfume Recipe- with Essential Oils

Ever tried homemade perfume? Get ready to save money on your personal fragrance while also controlling the ingredients you put on your skin! In this DIY recipe, you’ll learn how to make all-natural...
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Secret Zest Essential Oil Joy Blend with Diffusing Bracelets made of Druzy Agate

Secret Zest: Why Our Happy Blend Works

The ingredients in our Secret Zest Joy Blend are no secret! They’re just pure, USDA-certified organic essential oils that help improve mood. Citrusy and sweet, the ingredients in Secret Zest are o...
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Essential Oils to Beat the Heat

Essential Oils to Beat the Heat

Summer is in full swing, and it's often difficult to keep calm and cool. The heat can be draining, which is why we encourage taking every opportunity to cool down and unwind.  We have compiled a li...
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